Join us Sundays at 10:15 am.


Sunday School for Children

NURSERY (Birth - 18 months)
Room 112
Teachers: David & Donna Hill, Brent & Lisa Grice

We seek to provide a safe environment for our smallest members.  As they experience God's love through play, song, and rest when needed!  

TODDLERS (AGES 18 months - 2 years)
Room 106
Teacher: Sherry Teague

Theme: God's Family 

At these ages, there is a beginning awareness of what it means to be in a family.  This quarter they will be introduced to the basic facts of the creation of the world by God.  They will also be learning how to be a part of a Sunday school class through consistent schedules, different dynamics and a loving teacher. 


Room 114
Teachers:  Ellen Deese & Julie Jessen 

Theme:  God's Family

This quarter covers the book of Genesis including creation, Adam & Eve, Noah, Abraham & Sarah, Isaac & Rebekah, Esau & Jacob, and Joseph!  We will learn how all of these folks were part of God's plan of salvation. 


Room 10
Teacher: Taylor Mundy & Amanda Huss

Theme: Obeying God

Our children will be studying prophets and kings from the Old Testament.  They will be exploring their lives and learning what it means to obey God.  Taking a peek in to King Saul's willfulness, King David's heartfelt repentance for his sin, and the courageous obedience of prophets like Elijah and Daniel.  They will all help our children learn to obey and have the proper responses to the Lord's leading.  

Rooms 18
Teacher: Stacey Hall & Lauren Henderson

Theme: God's Grace in the Law

Most of our attention this quarter will be directed to the Ten Commandments and it's special use for believers. Our aim is to show covenant children, to whom God has made promises of salvation, how God wants themt o live.  They will discover that the law is not the enemy but the friend of those who are redeemed by Chrsit and united to him by faith.  Students will be taught simultaneously that we must rely on Christ for our salvation and not our own works.