Join us Sundays at 10:15 am.


Sunday School for Children

NURSERY (Birth to 18 months)

Room 112

Teachers: Judy Billings, Heather Ormsby, Heather Roberts, Jamie Stewart

The youngest members of our church family experience God’s love as they are cared for each Sunday.

TODDLERS (18 months‐3 years)

Room 114

Teacher: Sherry Teague

Theme: God’s Family

Our toddlers and three’s will learn what it means to be a part of God’s family. Bring your child to learn the basics of how God created His people and continues to be involved in their lives TODAY!

4’s- 6’s (4’s – currently in kindergarten)

Room 106

Teachers: Ellen Deese, Julie Jessen

Theme: God Leads His People

The children will discover that God calls His people to Himself, and He wants them to trust and follow Him. Through exciting Bible stories about Moses and the Israelites, preschoolers will begin to grasp that God is loving and powerful. He makes and keeps promises, He punishes sin. He redeems His people and saves them.


Room 10

Teacher: Stacey Hall

Theme: Obeying God

Our children will be studying prophets and kings from the Old Testament. They will be exploring their lives and learning what it means to obey God. Taking a peek into King Saul’s willfulness, King David’s heartfelt repentance for his sin, and the courageous obedience of prophets like Elijah and Daniel will help our children learn to obey and have the proper responses to the Lord’s leading.


Rooms 18/19

Teacher: Lauren Henderson (Substitute: Lisa Grice)

Theme: God’s Grace in the Law

The Ten Commandments are for everyone but they have a special use for believers. The law serves three purposes:

  1. The commandments have a general use for everyone. They reveal God’s character, God’s will and God’s judgment. In this manner, they are binding on everyone everywhere at all times.
  2. The commandments have an evangelistic use. They show sinners their sin and helplessness. They point to Christ – the one who kept this law perfectly and suffered the penalty so that we might be forgiven.
  3. They have special use for Christians as they guide us in how we, God’s redeemed people, are to show our gratitude to God.