Join us Sundays at 9 am for Sunday School and 10:15 am for Worship Service


Sunday School for Children

NURSERY (Birth - 18 months)
Room 112
Teachers: Melissa Clevenger & Karen Ensley 

We seek to provide a safe environment for our smallest members.  As they experience God's love through play, song, and rest when needed!  

TODDLERS (AGES 18 months - 2 years)
Room 106
Teacher: Sherry Teague

Theme: God's Family

At these ages, there is a beginning awareness of what it means to be in a family.  This quarter they will be introduced to the basic facts of the creation of the world by God.  They will also be learning how to be a part of a Sunday School class through consistent schedules, different dynamics and a loving teacher. 


Room 114
Teachers:  Ellen Deese & Julie Jessen 

Theme:  Jesus is God's Son

The first unit of this quarter will explore the birth of Jesus!  The children will learn that God sent John to get people ready for the promised Savior, an angel announced His birth, and that He would grow up to save God's people from their sins.  The second unit will focus on the evidence left behind that He really is God's Son.  They will watch as Jesus grows up and has amazing encounters with mankind. 


Room 10
Teacher: Taylor Mundy & Amanda Huss

Theme:  Loving Jesus

This quarter is divided in to four segements.  In "Believing in the Promised Savior" they will learn that all love comes from God and that He first loved us.  In "Trusting in Christ for our Salvation", the children will focus on repentance, faith, and the work of the Holy Spirit in their lives.  The third unit, "Showing Love for the Lord Jesus", teaches children concrete ways to express responsive hearts for what the Lord has done for them.  The final unit of study is entitled, "Knowing God Loves Us".  Our primary children will focus ont he Savior's love for His people, shown by His death and resurrection.  

Rooms 18
Teacher: Stacey Hall & Ashley Abernathy 

Theme: Listening to Jesus

This quarterly study focuses on learning about Jesus as our great Teacher.  The first three lessons bring to light the fact that as God's Son, and our Savior, He is capable of teaching us everything we need to know.  We will then move to learning what He teaches about Himself, the heavenly Father, and ourselves.  Jesus Christ gives our boys and girls everything they need to know to love and serve Him in Scripture.  It's time they focus in on what He has planned for their lives.