Join us Sundays at 9 am for Sunday School and 10:15 am for Worship Service


Sunday School for Youth

MIDDLE SCHOOL GIRLS & Boys (Grades 6, 7, 8)

Room 17

Teachers: Jonan Bynum & Anne Abernathy 

Theme: Matthew to John

Your preteens and young teens will compare, contrast, and examine each Gospel and its writer's characteristics.  They will see Jesus' mission and story come alive through these eyewitnesses and disciples.  Theywill also gain excellent Bible study skills that will serve them all of their lives.  Most important, we pray theyw ill come to a greater love for our Savior and the work of redemption He provided through His sacrifice.   

HIGH SCHOOL (Grades 9, 10, 11, 12)

Room 14

Teachers: Lauren Henderson, Kristen Henderson, Ken & Heather Dake

Theme: Old Testament Survey 

Ms. Lauren is going to remind these teenagers how to open up their Bibles and study God's Word.  We will be discussing who God has always been and who He wants us to be.  This classroom of teachers is already planning several adventures together so show up and stay in touch!  Winter Quarter begins in the book of Judges!