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Are the Five Solas Still Important for the Church Today?

In a society that often blurs the lines of faith, do you crave clarity for your spiritual journey? Dr. Fluhrer sheds light on why the Five Solas are the beacon cutting through the fog of confusion. Discover how these principles can bring certainty to your walk of faith in this short 2 minute read article "Are the Five Solas Still Important for the Church Today? by Gabe Fluhrer, January 19, 2022 

The Church in an Age of Turmoil

Are you curious about how to navigate life in a world full of turmoil and anxiety? Would you like to explore the role of the church in times of crisis and how the gospel can bring calm in the midst of upheaval? Discover these insights and more in the thought-provoking article 'The Church in an Age of Turmoil' by Daniel Schrock."


Step into a captivating journey through a 4-part article series unraveling the heart of Presbyterian Church in America's beliefs: 'Justification.' Delve into the historical clash between the Reformers and the Roman Catholic Church, a pivotal confrontation that shaped the doctrine's essence. Uncover the profound question at its core: How can sinful beings attain righteousness before God? Gain insights into the Reformers' resolute stand that justification is grounded solely in Christ's work, not human endeavors. Join us as we explore the theological foundations that continue to resonate across time and influence our faith. This is just the beginning – stay tuned for more revelations in the upcoming installments.