Man Day

Building Hope and Stronger Bonds Together

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Man Day

April 13th

7:30am - 12 noon

What is Man Day?

Man Day is a unique gathering where the men of our community come together for fellowship and service. We kick off the day with a hearty breakfast, fueling up for a morning dedicated to lending a helping hand. Our mission is to tackle projects big and small, from home and church repairs to community projects for those in need within our church and surrounding neighborhood. It's more than just a day of work; it's an opportunity to connect, serve, and make a tangible difference.

Need Help with a project?

Do you have a clean-up or repair project that could use an extra set of hands? Please provide us with details about your project. Fill out the form to tell us what you need, and we'll connect with you.

Who can participate in Man Day?

All. men are welcome!

Where do we meet?

Most event days we meet beginning at the church for breakfast and prayer. Project work may take place on or off the FPC Campus.


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