Parent Attendance

Parents place in Kids & Youth events

Parental Observation

Here at First Presbyterian of Stanley, we recognize that parents/guardians are the front-line warriors protecting their children from harm. Parents also have the enormous job of leading and teaching their children and teenagers to know the Lord. We, as a Church, desire to be your support system in this effort. We are a tool to be used in guiding and educating your children to understand who Christ is and who they should be to reflect His glory. 

In the same way, we love and appreciate having our parents involved in our children's and youth ministries! There are many ways to help us as we help you! 

We understand that visiting parents may want to know what is being taught to their children or teenagers, as well as the format and who is teaching. These are all good things to explore when choosing a church to help you guide your offspring. As of September 2017, we are establishing a "one-time" visit opportunity for parents. If you wish to get to know our programs by visiting, you may contact our staff members ahead of time and set up a date and time to visit with your child. To keep in standing with our Safety Policy, you will remain with the approved volunteers throughout the entire session. 

If you wish to be involved further than the "one-time" visit, you will need to complete our approval process for a regular volunteer, which will include but not be limited to a background check, official church membership, and approval by our session, interview with a ministry leader, etc. You are welcome to browse our safety policy to see the other requirements. These policies are in place to ensure your child is as safe as possible on campus.

There will be events (such as Vacation Bible School, etc.) where parent visitations will not be allowed unless accompanied by an approved guide. Please speak with the ministry staff member for further information.